Other Writing


Adult Fiction

Teas (Heat), published by Clr/r-sgeul, 2010. Adult novel set in Inverness in the 1980s.

Short stories

An Claigeann aig Damien Hirst (Damien Hirsts Skull) in an anthology of the same name, Clr/r-Sgeul 2009. Twenty-one stories by different authors. Seven of the stories have been translated into German under the title Der Schdel von Damien Hirst.

Ri Aghaidh na Creig (On the Rock Face), in the anthology Cha Sgeul Rin E (Not a Secret), Acair, 1995, ISBN 0 86152 1854 A playlet by Dmhnall Iain MacIomhair based on the story at www.storlann.co.uk/goireasan/drama.html

Baile Sgil a Bhis, on BBC, Radio nan Gidheal, 2016. A story about WW1.

Caol Thernadh and An Tidsear agus na Fiaclan Fuadain in the book Mealladh, Strlann, 2013



See collaboration with Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn at www.the-road-north.blogspot.com/2010_10_01_archive.html

A poem Rudan a N Uisge on Youtube in 2013 and it can be accessed at: www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/2013-notes-and-posters

A poem Dchas on an SPL poster and postcard in 2015 and can be accessed at: www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poetry/poems/dchas


Childrens and Teenage Gaelic novels and stories


Clann a Phroifeasair, 55 pp, Gairm, Glasgow, 1988

ISBN  901771 94 5

Illustrated by Nick Hesketh

Follows the adventures of Eachainn and Anna on the island of Oransaigh, when their father, a professor of physics, makes special planes for them. For age 8 +

Also in Irish Gaelic, Cl Iar-Chonachta, 1992

Talfasg, Gairm, 1990

ISBN  1 871901 01 4

A sequel to Clann  a Phroifeasair. A sci-fi tale, Eachainn and Anna are teenagers and they inadvertently enter their fathers time machine.

Also in Irish Gaelic, Coiscim, 1992

Mirlich nam Bradan, 65 pp, Acair, Stornoway, 1991

ISBN 0 86152814 X

Illus by Aonghas MacDhmhnaill

In pursuit of the salmon thieves. An adventure story for age 8 +

Ulbha gu Geelong, 66 pp, Acair

ISBN 1992, 0 86152 935 9

Illus by Seonag Chaimbeul

Ulva is a little island off the west coast of the Isle of Mull. This story follows the adventures of a family caught up in the clearances of the mid 19th century and how they ended up in Australia.

Iain agus na Drogaichean, 58 pp, Acair, 1993, teenage

ISBN 0 86152 912 X

At school in Portree, Iain and his friends become involved in pursuing drug smugglers.

Murt ann an Dirainis, 63 pp, Acair, 1993, teenage

ISBN 0 86152 937 5

Dmhnall Iain and Ailig plan a night in watching a film with Raonaid and Seonag. There is a knock at the door and they are met by a badly wounded Chinese person. From then on they are caught up in the bloody aftermath of the student protests in Tiananmen Square...

Caisteal nan Sgrgan, Strlann/Acair, 2002.  For age 8 +

ISBN 0 86152 742 9

A Halloween horror/adventure story.

An Triir agus Lbag, 167pp, Acair. Due for publication in 2016. An adventure story for children 9+



Grmar na Gidhlig, practice workbook,  288 pp, Strlann, Lewis, 2005

ISBN 1-904730-26-4

A workbook for advanced Gaelic learners to go with Grmar na Gidhlig by Michel Byrne.

Written for 5th and 6th year secondary classes.

ISBN 0 86152 753 4

Contains reading passages with a follow through story-line to illustrate points of grammar, in addition to extensive exercises, and answers.


Gaelic Essays and Articles

Mion-mhothachadh ann am Brdachd Shomhairle MhicGill-Eain (Sensibility in Sorley MacLeans poetry), explores the wider context of MacLeans poetry and what his worldview was. Given as a talk at the 2011 Centenary Celebration Conference for MacLean in Sabhal Mr Ostaig and published in Ainmeil Thar Cheudan, the proceedings of the 2011 conference. Due for launch in June 2016.

Buaidhean air Mo Chuid Brdachd (Influences on my poetry), explores the influence of other poets and philosophies on my faith and poetry; in the essay collection Sil air an t-Saoghal, Cl Ostaig, 2013. Edited by Pdraig MacAoidh and Niall OGallagher

Feartan ann am Brdachd Shomhairle MhicGill-Eain (Strengths in Sorley MacLeans Poetry). This essay on the poetry of Sorley MacLean can be accessed on-line by putting the title in Google.

A bruidhinn mu dheidhinn Brdachd (Discussing Poetry) with particular reference to Coin is Madaidhean-allaidh (Dogs and Wolves) by Sorley MacLean, in Gairm, issue 125, pp58-60.

Creideamh, Saidheans agus Loidhne an t-Saoghail(Belief, Science and the World Line), looking at the interaction of faith and science. In Gairm, Part 1 in issue 193, p 35 and Part 2 in issue 194, p 141.

Iosa Crosda, Dn Dh (Jesus Christ, Gods poem), Gairm 190, p 168. Looks at Jesus use of figurative language and how His own life was, through action, a reified poem.

Leasachadh agus Cnan, (Development and Language), Gairm 141, p 24.